Monday, July 28, 2008

Another "Mason" weekend

Yes, it was another "Mason" weekend. We enjoyed him so much. I keep saying that he is a sweet baby--but he really is--and I have babysat lots of babies over the years. I got to rock him to sleep! He is crawling very fast these days. He was much better about the cabinets. He knows what the word "No" means. And you know what I am tired!

But he wasn't the only reason I'm tired. Thursday I pulled grass from the rocks in our rock patio. I refuse to use weed killers. We lost a darling Brittany Spaniel years ago to cancer and I read that weed killers are believed to contribute to cancer in animals. I could sure tell the next day that my muscles in my "rear end" had been used to squat and bend. I couldn't stand for our boys to see our patio all "grown up" since they always did such a good job keeping the yard when they lived at home with us.

This weekend we celebrated my youngest son's 25th birthday. I am amazed at him. He is so mature. He was recently promoted to assistant project manager at his engineering firm and he told his dad that he may be made project manager soon. So for his birthday celebration DH grilled steaks; I made a jello salad, homemade rolls, fried squash and a red velvet birthday cake from scratch. "Patting myself on the back". This is the second time this season that I have fried squash. We usually eat them steamed.

Friday, I went to Wal-Mart early. I needed print cartridges for the printer and of course lots of other "stuff". I found this neat stripe fabric to back one of the 4PSP baby quilts I made. I just love the way it turned out.

This quilt or the other one I made will go to Houston to a brand new little girl named Brooklyn.
DIL thinks the mommy might like the one with the polka dots better. This one is my favorite. But it's because I LOVE the shade of pink in the sashing. Click on the photo and look at the itty bitty 4 patches that make the corner stones. Aren't they so fun?
I wanted to post some more pics from the quilt retreat at The Quilt House. Patsy, I learned how to do the linky thing from Split Decisionz. Yippee! The bed to the right is where I slept.

Dixie is cooking lunch for us. Her Mexican dish was wonderful! I gotta get her recipe. Jan is cutting at the cutting table.
Kathleen posing with her Boondoggle quilt she completely sewed at the retreat. Great job! Jan's 4PSP she cut and sewed a big part of it at retreat. Another great job. Click on the photo to see the beautiful fabric. Dixie's quilt (sorry, I forgot the name of the pattern) on the design wall. Before we left she had put all the blocks together and some of the borders. This last Wednesday Jan and Dixie brought their completed quilt tops. I will have photos next post. We had a very productive retreat.

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  1. Hi, my, you have been one busy lady! That Mason is a real handsome cute!!!

    Your quilt is gorgeous. I admire your talent, and next year on my birthday will you please cook my birthday dinner??? *grin*

    I think Google is acting weird today. I wasn't notified of your post and it's been 13 hours since you posted it, but yet another blogger posted something around 9 tonight and I was notified. Maybe it will be okay tomorrow.

    I like the Mr. Linky thing. I'll have to learn how to do that, too.

    A good long soak might help some of your weed pulling aches. I know just how you feel. Take care and get some rest.



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