Tuesday, July 08, 2008

It's an "Aimee" week

Yes, we have been invaded by our DGD Aimee. She arrived Saturday and I will take her home on Friday. So far we have made crafts (her favorite), shopped, made a trip to the library for books and videos, pulled more grass out of the garden and she fed it to the pigs, and today we are baking and hopefully we can get some sewing done and go swimming at the pool and I need to clean house?! Wheww! And before we know it the week will be over. She helps her PaPaw feed the animals every evening and she really enjoys that. We have a new litter of baby pigs born July 3. Then it's get ready for bed and read a story and off to dreamland. And then we do it all over again. The dishwasher is running; soon the washing machine will be humming and Aimee is still sleeping. She didn't get to bed until nearly ten. We are hostesses tomorrow for quilting so we are going to bake sugar cookies to go along with the fruit salad we are making and pimento cheese sandwiches. I like to bake my own bread, too. Want to join us?

And I have an abundance of zucchini! So I found some yummy chocolate zucchini bread recipes online to try and I am going to make zucchini jam today. Last year I made it and it was wonderful. It will be good to teach her about making different things. AND we just gotta find time to SEW! Okay, in reality--we're not going to get all that done today. But we are going to have fun doing what we can get done!

Sorry, no pictures today but I will take some and post next time of our adventures.


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