Thursday, December 04, 2008

Bread Making

After reading Judy L's blog post about bread making and her onion rolls, I wanted to make some. :-P So the bread maker is doing it's thing. Years ago before I got this bread maker I kneaded my own bread. I really enjoyed the process. It was like hand quilting for me-very theraputic. And there's just something about the feel of bread dough. The best I can describe it -- it's like the feel of a baby's bottom--soft as a baby's bottom. I generally try to make all of our bread be it a yeast bread or cornbread (from scratch) with an occasional batch of biscuits. I like being able to choose my own ingredients--like honey and olive oil. Today I am experimenting. I put about a half cup of corn meal in place of part of the all-purpose flour and put in three teaspoons dried minced onion. I'll let you know how my version of onion rolls turns out. We have leftover meatloaf and I think onion rolls will make good sandwiches. It is smelling pretty good already and it is just rising.
Okay, I shaped them (wasn't sure how big to make them) and I think I could've made them smaller. (You think?!) Probably could've gotten two more. AND next time I will mash them flatter so they don't rise up so high. They tasted good. I think next time I will use fresh onions, though.

I made cinnamon rolls for Larry's shop crew the other morning. He brought home an empty jelly roll pan. I guess they liked them. Even though I don't knead the dough anymore; if I make rolls or decide to bake my bread in a loaf pan in the oven I still get my "fix" of touching the dough. I have a cookbook--Farm Journal's Homemade Breads published by Doubleday--that has been very helpful in my learning how to make good bread. I have gone to my public library and read books. I am not an expert by any means and will probably never make some of the breads recipes out there--I am learning never to say never, though. LOL

So I guess what I would like to say to anyone. If you think you would like to make bread--read some books and allow yourself some time (several risings take time but hey, we're women we already know how to multi-task, right?)--and just do it.

Blessings and happy quilting and bread making,


  1. Reading your blog this morning made me feel like I would like to make some bread...use to be good at it and could make a yeast roll to melt in your not eat white bread so kind of set it aside....I like the changing out of cornmeal...have to make cookies for cooky swap with a group of quilters I meet with for our annual get together of quilting for the day ....we bring 2 sandwiches split in 4...and she puts a pot of soup on for 'supper' as we call it...relaxing...Maine


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