Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Dirt work and fabric basket

You betcha! When we were in San Angelo for Thanksgiving, the dirt flew! Not really flew more like slung. Larry's brother had helped his mom & dad take out a flower bed prior to Thanksgiving and that day they set stepping stones between the house and carport. There was slinging of dirt and tamping down stones. Mason helped don't you know. And there was lots of supervision as in any group effort. LOL

And here is my first effort at making fabric baskets with cotton clothesline. It's a door prize today at Kraz-z Quilters.
Remember the reason for the season? Christmas that is. Christ. Praise His name. Lord of lords.

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  1. I believe Mason thinks he as big as the rest of the crew! Kids that age are so much fun to watch.

    Your basket is lovely and I know whoever won it is proud of it. How many hours did it take you to make it? I'm not for sure what all has to be done, so just curious. Really nice!

    I've got to sit down and do some projects, too. Regardless of what else needs doing!



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