Tuesday, April 21, 2009

God is so good!

Praise God for the rain He has sent. We haven't had a lot yet but it is adding up and everything is looking so much better.

The 4 Patch Stacked Posies presentation went well at guild meeting Saturday. Stay tuned for the photo tutorial I will be posting soon. Maybe later this week I will get that done.

Sunday we visited DS and DIL. We stayed for supper and then came home with DGS Mason. DIL had surgery on her foot. She is doing well. We kept DGS overnight and DS came to get him. I laughed so hard at him. He woke up; tossed his blanket and Sammy (his soft monkey) aside and grabbed one of the piggy catalogs and crawled into DH's recliner and started turning the pages. He loves his PaPaw.

I am washing sheets and hanging on the line today. Mmmmm! They are going to smell so good. And that dusty vacuum is not going to be dusty after today. The tomato plants may get planted, too. DH is working a half day today. He is preaching tonight at a local church.

Hope everyone out there is doing well. Those of you who come and visit please leave a comment. I would love to visit your blog and get to know you.



  1. Hi, hope you DIL's foot is well soon. Aren't the little ones so cute.

    Glad your presentation went well, I know you had a wonderful time.

    I've been sewing - a couple of sunsuits for DGS and a couple of little sundresses for DGD. Well, just getting started on them. Have no idea if the little button over the shoulder sunsuits will fit, but hope they do. I have Air Force and train fabric for them.

    I'm trying to find t-shirts for them that say "Someone from Texas loves you." Not having any luck so far.

    I envy you your sun kissed sheets. Wish they were on my bed tonight!

    Take care,

  2. Hi Marilyn...oh the days go by so fast...but do enjoy checking in...we had been sooo dry here but finally got some needed rain today and thankful for it.
    I do not hang clothes much anymore...use my line to take quilt pictures (smile)...blessings to you...


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