Friday, April 17, 2009

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Checking in again. This week kicked up into another gear. We spent Easter weekend in San Angelo/Ballinger area with our parents. DH is on ANOTHER different schedule. He was off Friday thru Monday. On our way home Sunday afternoon we stopped in to visit DD and her family. I forgot that I am a grandmother who is 50+ and was playing with the kids while our evening meal was cooking. We were playing "monkey in the middle" (we called it "keep away") when I was a kid. One is in the middle and two on either side and you throw a ball and try to keep the one in the middle from catching it. Well, DD wasn't thrilled that we were throwing a ball in the house. Hey, we were in the hall, she had taken down the pictures (they're getting ready to move to another house--bigger, yay, for them) it was a soft ball (okay it wasn't the baseball kind --more like a squishy squeezable fun kind) and we were being careful. But we were obedient. We rolled the ball and jumped over it instead. Trouble for grandmothers who are 50+ and packing a few extra pounds! LOL We had a blast but the next day my left knee was talking to me. But it is much better now.

I said this week kicked it up another gear. Oh, yeah! I had a presentation at Post Oak yesterday and took my store. Remember I cater? I am going to make a photo tutorial (maybe next week when life slows down a little--hopefully) of the presentation. I think they enjoyed it. I know I enjoyed giving it. And those ladies at Post Oak! They are the greatest. They had invited several small groups from around their area to join them on Thursday but they couldn't make it. All I got to say is they missed out majorly. We took sack lunches and the Post Oak ladies provided dessert and iced tea. They made coffee to go with the dessert. Oh my! I took a salad knowing I was going to PIG out on dessert. And I did. Oh yeah! Chocolate layer cake, brownies, a baked cream cheese bar/cake dessert, a cherry delight (wonderful - I got the recipe and will post it later.) , an apple cake, and I can't remember what else. I skipped the Blue Bell ice cream. You know to save calories! LOL All I can say is YUMMY! Thanks Busy Bees of Post Oak.

There were wildfires in our area last week. Not right where I live but there was smoke in all directions. Some of the ladies at Post Oak had close calls. Thusday as they were quilting one of their husbands came in and told them there was a wildfire headed that way and to hurry and get out of there. The winds were gusting 40 and 60 miles an hour. It was jumping highways. Wanda got home only to have a knock on the door and told to evacuate. She grabbed her purse and left. Her home was spared but she had an outbuilding that suffered damage. Elsie had the fire to get as close as her fence. She said if some firefighter had not used their tractor and plowed a fire break they might have lost their home. Marilyn S. (yes, she and I both look up when someone calls Marilyn) have cattle on 500+ acres. They don't live on that property and didn't loose any of their cattle but all their corner fence post were burned. Yesterday we were able to give thanks that everyone was okay. Praise God! But there were some in other areas northeast of us that weren't so fortunate. Loss of lives and homes. May God comfort and provide. And more homes lost southwest of us. We've had some much needed rain. Sunday we received two inches and today it is a wonderful off and on rain. Praise God for answered prayers. If the rain hadn't come I don't how the fires would have stopped.

Today I HAVE to do some cleaning. And I have to get ready for tomorrow. Tomorrow is Saturday and Wise County Quilt Guild and I have another presentation and workshop. I get to teach the 4 Patch Stacked Posies. Yeah! AND I'm going to babysit DGS Mason on Sunday night and all day Monday. Oh, yeah! Anybody got some B vitamins or something? Or I can just watch this video and get myself pumped up. My quilting buddy Kathleen sent this in an email forward and I just love it. Check it out. These young ladies are called the King's Firecrackers. They jump rope. Boy do they! They are from Kings Mills, Ohio and are between the ages of 9 and 14 and have marched (make that jumped) in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade plus many other performances. Hope it makes your day; it did mine.


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