Monday, July 20, 2009


Oh, yeah! It was in the lower 80's today. I woke up to the sound of rain. Wonderful. Our temps had come down from those horrible triple digits from last week to upper 80's and 90's earlier in the week and today was absolutely awesome. Isn't it amazing how the weather can change and pick up your spirits?

Our neighbor down the road brought us a cantaloupe. Yummy! We are enjoying our okra and sharing our harvest now. I have an orange tomato just about ripe. My zucchini are dying off. Probably the results of 100+ temps. The yellow squash got a good soaking when we were at the hospital with DS#1. A hose sprung a leak that fed one of the nozzles in a hog pen and soaked the yellow squash. We had a young man checking on things but it must have happened after he had come. That's probably what saved the yellow squash during those horrible 100+ temps.

DH is enjoying his time off. We are beginning to call this lay off an extended vacation. : ) He has applied for unemployment and been picking up applications. He has also been working on a tractor for the neighbor who brought us the cantaloupe. DH talked with the supervisor who laid him off today and there may be a possibility of going back to work in 2 to 3 weeks. Now we have some decisions to make. We want to be in God's will most of all and are praying. Does he even want to go back there? If he can find something better--he would be happier. Does he want to work for himself? Does he want to work with me in the quilting business? Would we be able to work together? We have been talking a lot lately.

Oh, and here's something quilty. I hadn't updated the Featured Blog lately. Check out the most recent one. Seriously good. Penny Halgren's blog How to Quilt has a wealth of information.

Blessings to all,


  1. Hi there! I'm so happy you had rain this morning. One time today our sidewalk in the back got wet, but practically before I could blink my eyes it had dried up! The forecast for tomorrow says "maybe" some rain tomorrow afternoon - we can only hope and pray.

    I know the job situation will work out like it's supposed to, but the waiting is hard and so are the decisions y'all are faced with.

    Praying for you both and Brian,

    Patsy (like your theme :)

  2. Weather patterns across the country are crazy...we are rainy most of the time and have had to wrap hay...instead of baling dry hay...cows can eat it but not is getting really serious here in our area...should be thinking about 2nd crop and most have not cut any of their fields...We are praying and believing that this will lift soon...God does take care of His own and our trust is in HIm.....we preach it and then we have to live that He is provider etc...Praying God gives you and hubby direction...and that you here that still small voice saying, this is the way walk ye in it...


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