Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Popping In

I am at my DS#1's house taking care of him after his surgery. He is doing well. He was dismissed from the hospital on Friday. He is progressing every day. He can't drive for two weeks following his surgery and can't go back to work for four weeks. I will stay until he can drive. I have been cooking and doing some cleaning. ; ) He hasn't offered to disown me or suggested I go home yet so I guess we are getting along peachy.

I brought some quilting projects. : ) and my sewing machine! Can you say "almost quilt retreat"?
I got the "Pieces Parts" quilt all together. There is a Jo-Anns right up the road. I went there today to buy ball-point needles to hem up lounge pants that are knit that DS#1 had bought. There's also a large thrift store I want to check out. I've visited a Super Target. Love it. AND maybe I will find time to check out the two quilt stores in the area.

I missed you guys in the last few days. I am using his computer to post. Trying to catch up on blogs. Thanks for all the prayers.



  1. Hey there! Sounds like Brian is doing well, I'm so glad.

    It was so smart of you to take your sewing machine. To have quilt stores so near by puts the icing on the cake :).

    Cleaning these closets, sorting, etc. is getting old, and I'll be glad to be finished. I've been sorting a lifetime of photos, and that takes time, but so much fun. Haven't seen some of them for years.

    Take care,

  2. I just wanted to say thanks for everything! I really enjoyed our time together and am very greatful for all the cleaning you did. I havn't been able to do so in so long and it was driving me crazy! Love ya mom!



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