Sunday, July 12, 2009

Home Again!

Yes, I'm home. And it feels good. DS is doing good after back surgery. He should be able to drive this week. He is getting around slowly but good. Thanks for all the prayers. He and I had a good time together at his house this last week. I had time to read a book, finish sewing "Pieces Parts" quilt (and DGD Aimee loved it when she saw it this weekend).

I cooked and cleaned and watched TV.

And we celebrated DGS Mason's 2nd birthday Saturday afternoon. What a precious baby! AND we are going to be grandparents again! Mason is going to have a baby brother or sister! Praise the Lord!
Can you see Butterball and I in the reflection of the patio door? You can click on the picture to enlarge it.

AND we have a new doggie at our house. Ruby is her name. She is a border collie. Yes, there may be puppies--someday. Max is getting older--ten years old. Ruby belonged to our DD and family and since moving into their new house Ruby wasn't happy in their smaller backyard. She was herding bugs. Poor baby. She seems to be happy here. She is 9 months old. Lots of energy! Oh, boy, here we go again. Poor Max. First Butterball--lots of energy and now Ruby--lots of energy. His naps will never be the same! We took Ruby down to meet the calves and hogs last night. It was feeding time and everyone was making lots of noise and she didn't like it at all! Ruby and Butterball are very curious of each other. So funny. Ruby had the habit of licking DD's dogs faces. Go figure. She tried it with Max just now. Let's just say it didn't go over too well! She probably thought "Grumpy, Old Man!"


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  1. Good to hear your son is doing well. Congrats on their news!

    Ruby looks a cutie. She will keep you on your toes by the sounds of it.


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