Sunday, August 02, 2009


Our Kraz-z Quilters had another retreat! We went to Victorian House Retreat in Weatherford Monday through Wednesday. We had a lot of fun. I took the Time Travel quilt for DS#1 to put the last border on to bring it to queen size. One fellow quilter asked me, "Marilyn, do you ever put plain borders on?" Yes, I do but I felt this needed more flying geese. Why not? I haven't been following any pattern so that means I have to do the figuring. Math! I know. So I started cutting fabric then decided I better figure out how many I needed so I wouldn't come up short or make way too many. On Monday I was so tired from the weekend before so I was kinda brain dead if you know what I mean. 8 ) But after a good night's sleep I was good to go. It was my turn to cook lunch on Monday. Pasta salad and I took okra from our garden and fried.
Of course, there is always lots of good food at these retreats.
Gina and Kathleen--my sewing table is in front of Kathleen.
Gina of Busy Bees Quilters from Post Oak joined us this year. She bakes professionally. Oh, yeah! Red velvet cupcakes, coconut cake, and a heavenly blueberry chilled dessert! Forget any diet. Gina was a lot of fun and I believe she had a lot of fun.
Sharon was also a new comer. She joined our Kraz-z Quilters in January and we will be forever grateful! She hand quilts beautifully but most of all she is a beautiful person. AND she is a good cook! She has two sons still at home. Yeah, you know what that means! Cooking and lots of it.
Jan and Dixie busy at work.
It is so fun to see what everyone brings to sew on and watch their projects take shape. And the colors! Dixie, Jan, Kathleen, Sharon, Gina, and I had a blast. If you've never been on a retreat--you owe it to yourself to try one. If you do your homework they can be very affordable. We scheduled another retreat with the Victorian House and received 20% discount on our next retreat. A whole house with all linens, cutting tables, sewing tables, extension cords, design walls, irons and big ironing boards, pots and pans, coffee, etc. with two quilt shops nearby and more shopping available. A bargain!

Back to the quilt, I figured I was going to need 162 flying geese. (There's already 408 small ones--do the math--that brings the total to 570 flying geese.)Better get to sewing. I sewed and I sewed. It didn't look like I was getting much done. UNTIL late Tuesday night. Then Ta-DA. It started coming together. I sewed the two long side borders on and got most of the work done for the other two before time to go. If I have time in the next few days I will continue to work and get it completed. Stay tuned as they say.

God Bless,


  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful time and I think I would have just eaten dessert....flying geese I have a special ruler "Flying Geese x 4" 'no math ruler by Lazy Girl Designs. LLC Item FGX4..congratulation on your accomplishment...will look forward to seeing it...

  2. Hi, I know you had a great time. Hope you are getting to work on your flying geese - a mega flock for sure!

    I remembered something today, and I guess you think I'm terrible. I remembered the fabric I was going to send you for strings. I'll do my best to get that in the mail tomorrow.

    Take care,

  3. I love you so much!




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