Friday, August 28, 2009

More Free Stuff

Don't you like free? As I took a few minutes this morning surfing I found this and thought you readers might enjoy some of the projects.

Well, the new refrigerator we had to buy yesterday was not free but thank God He is our provider and we had the money. Our compressor went out on our eight year old Kenmore. I told them at quilting maybe I shouldn't have fussed about it the week before and said I didn't like it. But I really didn't! You had to lean over to get anything out of it and I was always banging my head (don't laugh). The other one's door kept hitting my cabinet when you opened the door and I couldn't get my vegetable bin open all the way. We got a side by side this time with ice and water in the door and for a good price. And I don't have to lean over (no banging my head) and it fits in our opening better. Woohoo! And I like it. Thank you, God, for your good gifts. And now I am off to buy stuff to replenish what we had to throw out.


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