Thursday, August 20, 2009

Busy Again

Hi, everyone. How's your world? Busy I'm sure. What's God been doing in your life? Plenty I'm sure. He is so good. DFIL is doing well. He has the green light to start his cardio rehab.

Let's see. What have I been up to? Thursday last week the insurance adjuster came to evaluate water damage between the wall of our two bathrooms from a leak we found. The toilet in our master bath is leaking from the fitting to the tank. We could not figure out where the water was coming from until I was cleaning and saw it dripping. How weird is that? DH had already taken out a small portion of drywall to see if it was a pipe in the wall. Friday morning I picked a bushel of blackeyed peas and took them to a neighbor who had been wanting some to buy and then did some cleaning. Saturday morning was Wise County Quilt Guild. DS#1 came and spent the weekend with us. We really enjoyed it. Love you, Brian. Then we had the three grandkids come for a couple of days. They went home yesterday. Whew. LOL Lots of fun, lots of energy, and thank God they need lots of sleep! LOL

Tuesday afternoon it was so hot and youngest DGS wants to go 'side (outside) all the time so we put up the wading pool and turned them loose with the garden hose. It took some convincing for the two older grandkids that it was okay to play in the water in regular clothes (they hadn't packed swimsuits). LOL They had so much fun. Spraying and splashing and of course Max got in on the action. He doesn't like water but he does love to bite and catch the splashes of water. He would get water down the wrong pipe (so to speak) and choke and take a time out and then he was back at it again. Hilarious! He was soaked and didn't seem to mind. DGD and I went to Kraz-z Quilters on Wednesday for a little while. She made yo-yo's and I quilted. She helped me make chicken salad sandwiches from the chicken that cooked overnight in the slowcooker and we were hostesses. She loves it. DH and the boys stayed home and did their thing.

And in the mix--DH looked up Tuesday morning and the calves were in the garden! A little damage to the tomatoes and okra but I'm not sure if the blackeyed peas will recover. It's getting late in the season for them anyway and we have enjoyed them immensely. And I had the top and backing for a little C.A.S.A. quilt ready so I sandwiched it while the DGKs were sleeping Monday night and then got up early Tuesday morning BEFORE they woke up and turned it and topstitched it. Then Tuesday we (read on) tied it (they tied a few and decided it was too much work) and turned it in Wednesday to the Kraz-z Quilters. AND we have a new kitten. Since we have a Butterball and this one is a darker yellow I named him Butterscotch. We were told that Butterscotch was two months. Nope don't think so. Probably more like five weeks old. I was concerned that Butterball would be too rough with him--he's probably three months old. They were so funny at first. They both hissed at each other something awful. Then the next thing you know they are playing and getting along just fine. AND we have thirteen (make that 15--I went down a minute ago to turn on the mister) new baby pigs this morning. AND Ruby has come in heat and we decided that she was too young to breed and will wait until next time; so she has been locked up. Poor baby.

AND I have lost 3 1/2 pounds! Yay. I have a goal to lose 16 pounds.

Today it's laundry, figuring the checkbook, paying bills, straightening the sewing/quilting room, etc. etc. Answering the phone! Don't you just love it. DH has been to Wal-Mart to buy new batteries for his pickup and on to do some tractor work.


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  1. I am so glad that was all at your house! Love ya Mom!



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