Friday, August 28, 2009

Just in case you didn't know

I'm back from Wal-Mart and thought I might share a tip with you. Wal-Mart will price match competitor's ads. I got my local grocery stores ads and circled the specials I wanted to buy; made me a list with the price I wanted Wal-Mart to match; and went shopping. I found this site that gives good information and here is Wal-Mart's policy. You need to be organized and polite to the cashier. I put my items on the belt last with the divider between my other things and before he/she gets to them I tell them I would like to "comp" them please. I take the ads with me to show if the cashier needs to see it. It is better to make a list and write the prices beside your list than to be hunting through an ad. At our Wal-Mart they are always really good. A lot of people know about this evidently because they had a sale on Folger's coffee and that size and variety was GONE from the shelf. That does happen sometimes. It helps to shop the same day or very soon after the ad comes out if the sell item is a really good price. Also be sure and check the shelf price at Wal-Mart BEFORE you comp because sometimes their everyday price might be lower!

Hope this helps.


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