Friday, March 19, 2010


This morning I was in the kitchen working. I cleaned out the refrigerator. Trash day. Nuf said. LOL I had the bread machine going. I was browning short ribs and washing dishes. The washing machine was going. And I thought about how women years ago would have loved to have had our modern conveniences. And I heard someone say this week after having gone to the Dallas Quilt Show that machine quilted quilts were no comparison to hand quilted ones. As you know if you've been reading my blog I do both. I admire both.  I believe that there are many talented quilters. Both hand quilters and machine quilters.  And I do believe that if women from days gone by had had the machines we do now they would have used them. Stepping off my soapbox now. 
Back to the cooking segment. The short ribs are done and will be our supper tonight. I am telling you these are seriously good. Check out The Pioneer Woman. She's got lots of good recipes plus lots of laughs.

Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day. DH decided to trim the trees that had been damaged in that big snow storm we had. I had started doing the wash and was planning on machine quilting but put the quilting on hold so I could help him. Would you believe I am sore today? Those limbs were heavy and it turned out there were more breaks than we thought after getting started.  But I'm glad the job is done.

But please say it isn't so! The weather man is predicting snow flurries late Saturday! Please, no. It's been so warm there's not much chance of any accumulation.

The little doggie. The little doggie aka Sissy is in trouble. I bathed her last night. Guess what she did this afternoon. Yes! She did. She rolled in it again. She is outside and not liking it one bit. Better get the shampoo ready, huh?


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