Monday, March 08, 2010

Strings & Crumbs

It was rainy on Sunday. A good day for staying in and sewing. So that's what I did. ; ) I laid out my string blocks Saturday on the floor and I wasn't happy with the way the colors were coming together so I decided to make a few more and pull out the ones that didn't seem to fit in. I am much happier. I've sewn sixteen blocks (4x4). I sewed crumbs as leaders and enders as I sewed the blocks together. Then I pulled some fabric for the borders. I got the small inner border sewn on and will cut the outer border and sew it on in the morning.  Have I said that I sew my string blocks on paper towels? Bounty towels are 11" square. I squared them to 10 3/4". I made the crumb blocks 9'' square.

One thing I have found. There will always be crumbs. LOL So I guess there will be no shortage of crumb quilts. Or as I like to refer to them as pieces parts.

Oh, DH and a friend went to the Southwest Type Conference in Belton, Texas Saturday. I thought we would be safe. He took my car. (It gets good gas mileage.) I thought we would be safe in that he wouldn't be able to buy any hogs. Well, I was wrong. No, he didn't put it in my car. He had already been warned about doing that. No, he found someone from our area there with a trailer and got them to bring it back. But he did pick a good one. He is a Hampshire. Black & white. His name is King Kong (that's what his papers say). Yeah, I know. A hog named King Kong. Just so Godzilla doesn't show up. Oh, by the way. We also have hogs that are Herefords. That's their breed. White faces & feet and reddish brown bodies. We have one litter and sow in the barn that were born 2-24. There are three litters due in the next several weeks. There will be no shortage of pigs or crumbs around here. LOL

Oh, I forgot. We are expecting puppies. Ruby and Max got married. That's what our seven year old DGD  said. Ruby and Max are border collies and we had been thinking of finding a puppy. Max is getting on in age. Ruby is due around Easter.  Baby pigs and puppies. Baby granddaughter. Must be a year for babies.

And speaking of DGD--our daughter called this week and said to check our email. She had sent a picture of DGD. She was grinning really big and something was missing. You guessed it. She lost an upper front tooth.
The other one is loose. We will be hearing a lisp when she talks. Oh and speaking of DD--they went bowling Friday night. She sprained her ankle. They have spring break this week. She is a teacher. She has her foot propped up and is knitting. Doesn't sound bad to me. Other than the throbbing foot. I could live without that.


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  1. Hi,

    Congratulations on King Kong - you will have to post a photo. Belton is only about 28 or so miles from here. I've always liked that town. Mary-Hardin Baylor is there, too.

    Your post of the 8th and today both showed up in my RSS feed tonight. I wonder why the one on the 8th is just now getting here?

    I'm glad you got to see all your grandkiddos. That's always a fun time even is if doesn't last long. I hope your daughter's foot is better soon.

    The bradford pear trees are gorgeous! Our neighbor has one. Yesterday, I was outside and heard geese honking, and I finally found them, flying sort of northwest without a leader. Guess they were taking a break. We heard some this afternoon, but never did see them.

    Have a great week . . .


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