Saturday, March 06, 2010

Signs of Spring!

The first daffodils are blooming. Our temps have been in the 60s and near 70. So nice.

These are the crumbs and I'm thinking of setting them together like Chinese Coins and maybe calling it Stacked Crumbs. I have laid a white sheet on top of the bed then the light purple and then the stacks of crumb blocks which are not sewn together yet.

I had been rising last week at 6am and sewing for an hour or so on strings then crumbs (the trimmings from the strings) blocks. A total of 32 11" string blocksand 20 9" crumb blocks. I used 16 string blocks with a border to make one small string quilt for C.A.S.A. I forgot to take a photo before I delivered it to Kraz-z Quilters on Wednesday.

This picture was taken at Kraz-z Quilters meeting last summer.

I got the Pieces Parts quilt quilted. I just need to trim the threads and batting; prepare the binding and sew it on. I quilted a customer quilt and it was picked up this week. And Thursday I was invited to go to Post Oak to visit the Post Oak Quilters. I always enjoy visiting with them. Thank you, Ladies.
Friday I washed and hung clothes out. It was a beautiful day. Very breezy but beautiful.

This is Mickey and the Purple 4 Patch Stacked Posies I made for her. She added the pink and off white outer borders. She will bind it with a dark purple. It is on our frames at Kraz-z Quilters right now. Mickey has marked it so nicely and it will be so pretty. I will try to remember to take my

I said I had been rising at 6am and sewing. It just wasn't happening this week. No energy.  I've got more machine quilting this week. Then I will start sewing the strings and crumb blocks together.


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