Sunday, March 14, 2010

More Quilting

I got the string quilt assembled to my liking. Hope you like it, too. It measures around 50 inches. I worked on assembling the crumb quilt and only need to add a couple more borders.

We had surprise visits this week. DS#2 and family stopped by Friday morning on their way to Lubbock. DGS Mason got to play for a few minutes while DGD Paisley had a bottle. Then it was a quick kiss so they could continue their trip. Then DD and her hubby came by Saturday on their way home from buying their new pickup. What a surprise!

Today DH, DS#1 and I went to the Quilters Guild of Dallas Quilt Show. As always there were so many pretty quilts. I am trying my best to pass this habit -uhm-er- hobby on to my descendants. LOL The drive was so pretty. The temps have been in the 60s and redbud trees, plum, and bradford pear trees are in bloom. The grass everywhere is greening up. It has seemed like everything has just burst into Spring.

And when DH's parents visited recently they brought canning jars. One box had this newspaper in it.
Check out the date. I just had to look it over. Remember leisure suits? Aren't we glad those are in the past? LOL The grocery ads were interesting. Some prices are much more now but some aren't that much different. Too weird.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week,


  1. Love your coloring in the string quilt...wonderful!!!

  2. And yes i got some fabric to start a quilt. I will be getting help from mom. ;-) It will be my second quilt! The show was beautiful.and enjoyed my time with Mom and dad.


  3. Marilyn, that's the prettiest string quilt I have ever seen. I'm in love with those colours!

  4. Sorry I am late but had a few dramas of my own the last

    I am so glad your D had the baby and both are healthy, she looks gorgeous!

    Want to see lots and lots of photos please!


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