Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Defrosting freezers

No quilting going on around here. Yesterday I got the upright defrosted. Today I transferred contents of chest freezer to upright and started on it. I think chest freezers are a lot easier to defrost other than the whole diving thing for this vertically challenged person-- still has my tummy hurting. Our upright has the coils under each shelf and seems to take forever to melt enough to turn loose (anybody have a better way, please leave a comment). I used my blow dryer to speed it up. But with the chest freezer--just turn off and use the blow dryer a little and then scrape with an ice scraper like you use on your car windshield and scoop up the ice with a Rubbermaid dust pan and ta da you're done. You know in the process of moving things around in the freezers I FOUND things. Made me say "I didn't know we still had some of that!"
Or in some cases, "Ewwww, how old is that?!" Max (the dog) has been enjoying some of the fruits of my labors. HeeHee!

Well, anyway, we're ready for our beef and venison from the butcher.



  1. Yes I have a very easy way...my mother told to take a large fan and set in front of it and leave it...my freezer is in the cellar so a little water does not matter...you will be amazed.. no scraping...it will melt in about an hour or so...you will just have to wipe it out...we have 21 foot upright..as we have raised our own beef for years...it use to be a big job but no more..hooray!!!!

  2. Oh, you worked hard. I need to defrost ours, too.

    Hope y'all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I'm pooped, been cooking all day; well, it's only my feet that are tired.


  3. I just found the receipt today for the best purchase I ever made...my non frost vertical deep freeze. No more defrosting ever and so much easier on the back than the chest. I did have a cabinet one which needed defrosting in between but I could no longer manage the deal.
    I had a handyman who used to empty it, put it in the doorway and hose it out. A fabulous way if you have to defrost.
    Enjoy the new contents.


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