Monday, November 17, 2008

Just call me a pig wrangler!

This time it was the litter DH had weaned from their momma on Sunday. Momma and babies got reunited. Momma got their gate open. If you've ever nursed a baby you can sympathize with her; she was probably hurting something awful. ANYWAY, when I went to feed I see all these (make that eight) little pigs running out in our grass field behind their momma. Oh, joy, not again. At least they're not fifty and sixty pounders. More like ten pounders. I got 'em in their pen. Yeah! DH got a phone call though something like--I think we need to talk about these pigs!

And yes, I told the young man who helped me the other day I owe him a home cooked meal. Good thing it wasn't tonight; dinner would have been late, huh?

And yes, I used to make chow-chow with green tomatoes but I still have some that I made last year. And since we don't seem to be great fans of chow-chow I don't see putting in all that work. Especially when I'd rather be quilting ;D ! I'm having a little problem with the quilting machine so I'm tying the disappearing nine patch baby quilt. I am so good at making things harder than what they have to be. Here I am thinking I will tie at each corner of a big square. Sounded like a good idea. 'Cept I didn't separate the embroidery floss and Dixie had suggested I use a combination of purple and green. Looks real good! It's like pulling teeth to get it through those corners though. So my hand is hurting, my knees are hurting (it's on the floor-remember I'm good at making things harder than what they have to be?) and I'm tired. Did I mention that I broke two needle threaders trying to thread the floss through the eye of the needle? Good thing I know someone who sells them, huh?

Goodnight and blessings,

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