Thursday, November 20, 2008

Star BOM #8

This block was more challenging. I don't always like being challenged but I know it's good for me! Things I learned: 1. Stay focused and THINK about what you're doing ; ) 2. Don't wad it up and throw it in the trash can--breathe 3. It's not nearly as bad as I think it is. 4. Frogging (rip, rip) never hurt anyone LOL



  1. It might have been hard but worth it, it is lovely. I hate to "frog." LOL A fact of life around here though!

    Hope your pigs have settled down.

  2. Looks nice...I finally got mine to print off 3" ....had to uncheck some things....yours is looking the word 'frogging' had never heard it until this BOM...Maine

  3. Well worth the effort. Nice block. And aren't we all froggers!


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