Sunday, November 02, 2008

New Look

Do you like my new look? Thanks to Aqua Poppy Designs for my makeover and it was free and easy! She does custom work as well so hurry on over and visit her site.



  1. It looks lovely and fresh, Marilyn. I love it!

  2. It is so pretty! We need to take a course on how to do things like that. LOL

    Hope you all had a good weekend, it's about gone now.

    We are having a revival this week at church, it started this morning and will go through Wednesday night. Good evangelist!!

  3. LOL No course for this girl. I barely got this done. The computer/internet were not cooperating. One of the other of the two or both? kept closing down my connection about the time I was ready to copy and paste?!!

  4. Hi, I hadn't been to the the website when I wrote that, I really thought you had it done. I think I could do that, and I really like yours. After I looked at your pretty blog, I did look at the different templates that Blogger offers and played with them . . . about 10 minutes late for church! Time got away from me. We were supposed to watch 60 Minutes, and forgot about that :( Youngest son, David, called the other day and told us to watch it because it was going to be about what he does at his job with the Veteran's Administration. I really feel bad about missing that. I put my blog back like it was, well almost. Some of the titles are more rust than red. I really do like yours and you did a good job :)

    Take care . . .

  5. I just love the new design on your blog. Very nice colours, bright and fresh. I would like to learn that as weel.

    Happy Thoughts
    Laila, Denmark


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