Monday, November 17, 2008

Vintage embroidery patterns and green tomatoes

What a combination?! I had to have the pig embroidery pattern and I loved Jacque Hencell's quilt tops for future great grandchildren (that's planning) she had made using the frogs and balloon girl. I picked the green tomatoes Saturday before our killing frost. I have these two containers, two other buckets, and a cardboard box of tomatoes. The cardboard box I set in the garage to keep cool so all these don't turn red at once and so we have a supply of red tomatoes for several weeks.

DH went deer hunting again this weekend. Remember my previous post with the sew-in ; ). He got him a very nice deer and had a wonderful time. I'm so glad. And I had a wonderful time with my friends, guild meeting, and putterings around the house. BUT big but, (not butt which I know mine seems to keep get larger and larger each year) I didn't enjoy the surprise I got when I went down to feed Saturday afternoon. I am feeding the animals now since daylight savings time ended. DH goes to work in the dark and comes home in the dark. Can't feed animals in the dark. Well, you can but it's not a good practice. You need to observe them in daylight to see how they are doing. ANYWAY, since DH was away deer hunting I was designated feeder. I went down to feed Saturday afternoon and SURPRISE. The young boar pigs had somehow gotten their gate open and four were out of the pen and running around the barn. The other four stayed in the pen. GOOD BOYS! These boys are no longer babies. They weigh probably fifty to sixty pounds, my guess. DH has a young man he works with who is my designated person to call when I encounter such kinds of problems. I called he came--pigs back in pen. Whew! Nothing like a good workout catching fifty to sixty pound pigs. Heehee!

God bless you,

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  1. Wow! Dependable help is hard to find, you better bake him his favorite pie or cake *grin*

    I clicked and make your embroidery patters larger. They are nice!

    Nice tomatoes, do you ever make chow-chow out of the green ones?

    Yesterday afternoon we went to Mount Calm (about 45 miles from us) for a family double birthday party. It's been ages since we have been there and we drove right past the Compass Centre quilt retreat place. I wanted stop and get a photo, but we were running late and it was dark when we left to come home. I also wanted to tak a pic of a field full of defoliated cotton, but didn't get to. The people that have that I'm was told rotate every other year between cotton and corn.

    I think DSIL hasn't gotten a deer yet. I get the season mixed up. I know Jim went bow hunting at first and that starts before the regular season?

    Hugs . . .


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