Thursday, May 09, 2013

A Cool and Sorta Rainy Day

We are experiencing a light drizzle and the temps are in the 70s.  A very nice day for May in Texas.  This has been an unusual May already.  Record setting cold a few days and still on the cooler side.  I'm not complaining!  This is wonderful. 

Yesterday I visited the Hugs and Stitches Quilters in Jacksboro.  They are a very nice bunch of ladies.  I demo-ed the Worry Free Bias Binding method.  It always so much fun to see the look on faces with this demo.  : )  They had potluck of soup and salad and turn desserts!  Since it was Wednesday it meant I was missing out on my Kraz-z Quilters.  I got back in town in just enough time to see Kathleen opening her birthday presents.  Happy Birthday, my dear friend. Kathleen has always been my cheerleader in my Quilt Catering business.  Always believing and always cheering me on!  And she's contributed to my success--shopping.  Priscilla has also been one of those friends who has cheered me on and shopped!  Priscilla will be taking off for her summer stomping grounds in the mountains soon.  I am so going to miss her. 

I have been making more of the Feedsack Totes.  Hog Man asked me last week when I was going to get around to making them.  He informed me that he had several dozen in the barn.  So--I got busy.  First the ends had to be cut off. I recruited him to help--it was his idea right?  Then they had to be washed and then hung to dry.  Then I cut the bottoms to even it and cut straps.  Then I sewed them.  I think I have sewn ten or so with about that many more waiting.  I laughed at Priscilla.  She saw a pickup like one of our members drives in the parking lot when she pulled in and she was so afraid that member would have more feed sacks for her.  Seems as though this lady has been keeping her WELL supplied.  And with her packing to leave soon she really didn't have time for anymore.  Pick me!  What am I saying?! But hers are different from mine!  Marjorie and I are going to exchange a rabbit one for a pig one.  Sounds logical to me! 

Our tomato plants, cucumber, peppers, and squash made it without damage through our cold snap last week.  I can't wait to have fresh vegetables.  I can make the relishes I love and have fresh tomatoes to eat. Yum!

Happy quilting and blessings,

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