Monday, June 13, 2011

Can you say EWWWW!

It was a dead mouse. Ewww.   The smell. It was located behind the bottom panel of my dishwasher. YUP--required tools. Oh boy! A phillip's screwdriver and laying on the floor with same ewww smell. Got it taken out enough where I could remove the offending critter. Ewwww. Out to the trash tote. Cleaned it up. Spray, spray, spray with deodorizing spray. That's how my Monday started how's yours?

I made a phone call for my mom. Called her back. She's hard of hearing. She had a message on her answering machine this weekend when we were there about a doctor's appointment. My step-dad had a stroke in April and has since been in the nursing home. She didn't recognize the doctor's name and was going to blow it off! Yup that's my mom. Like I said I called the number this morning. My step-dad was being referred to this doctor by the one who admitted him to the nursing home. I made sure the nursing home would do the transportation. Called mom back. It was a circus! She had thought it might be an appointment for her. I asked her, "Mom, how can that be? You haven't seen a doctor in several years and refuse to go to one?" Then Mom says, "What did you say?" I called my step-dad's daughter and let her know. She called the nursing home to find out more info and then called me back. It's a circus. That's how my Monday's going how's yours?

Did I mention I've been weedeating every morning? Well, this morning went out really early before the mouse thing (getting up my courage).  The weedeater was spitting out string left and right and ouch it down right hurt through my jeans. Took off the cover to the spool. Checked it out. Looked okay. Put it back on. Tried it again and same thing. Out of string now. Put in a new cartridge. Love those things! And now I am going to town. Got'er done! That's how my Monday's going how's yours?

Don't you just love telemarketers? Yup already had two of those, a wrong number, and someone wanting to sell me an ad. That's how my Monday's going; how's yours?

Washer is done. Time to hang out the towels. I will post again soon. Promise.


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  1. Dead mouse is just stink...horrible stink. Takes awhile to get rid of it too.!

    I hate telemarketers that call on Sunday...guess they know they can catch me at home. I am not going to donate to the National Sheriff's society. I'll donate to our local one...whom I know personally, but that isn't what THEY want!

    Dead mouse...yuck.


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