Monday, June 27, 2011

A first for me

Why have I been putting it off? Learning to use the riding lawn mower that is. I don't know. It scared me. It has a motor and it is loud. I made up my mind I was going to do it. We've only had for hmmm--this is the third season. DH told me he bought for ME! I told him I didn't want it (at the time) it was HIS. At the time I was using the push mower. It was a chore especially when temps got warmer. And we have a big yard. Like I said I made up my mind this morning that I was going to do it. So I crawled on it. I'm short. If I sit toward the edge of the seat my foot can engage the brake real good. Figured everything out. Got it started. Put it in forward eased off the brake (I put it in a slow speed  8 )  and away I went. Not bad, not bad at all. I had mowed a little bit and it sputtered and coughed and died. Out of gas. Shoot! No gas in the can either. Double shoot. Grab my purse and car keys and the gas can and away to town I go. I hate going to town all stinky and dirty. Anybody else feel that way?  Anyway, I got back and filled the tank. Got it going again and finished the whole yard. And it looks good if I do say so myself! Ran the weedeater until the batteries ran out. MMMM--patting myself on the back. LOL

I've had a sandwich and a glass of tea. A shower is next on the agenda. I'll unload the dishwasher. I need to clean the hummingbird feeder. I'll do some laundry. And I plan on quilting this afternoon!


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