Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hello from Hot Texas

It is in the 80s this morning before 7am. Yeah. This is usually what we have in August. So--I decided to do some baking. Early. I have cornbread baked to make cornbread salad for our evening meal and banana bread in the oven now. Had some bananas that were just right. There's a load of laundry in it's last spin. I have been hanging all the laundry out to save on the electricity and besides it's dry in no time. I will finish the weedeating in a bit.  I did make some  coffee this morning. Only because I love it iced in the afternoon!

And in the middle of the afternoon I spray down the hogs to keep them cool. I have to tell you about one of the gilts (female who hasn't given birth). Larry bought several gilts from a breeder who had gotten these show pigs back after shows. She must have had a female owner. Everytime she comes up to me and kinda nudges me. She wants me to rub her. When you rub her she automatically lays down so you can rub her belly. I have named her Lovey. She is so sweet. She is due to have babies in mid July. She is a blue butt--one of her parents was a Hampshire and the other was a Yorkshire. So she is mostly white with black spots across her butt and a few more black spots on her face (eyebrows-lol). Some blue butts have a black blanket on their butt (that appears almost blue-hence the name "blue butt". Some have very few black spots. She is bred to our Hampshire boar. So she may have babies with lots of white and black spots. She could have several that look like Hampshires -- black with a white stripe around the chest and shoulders. We will have to wait and see. Last December Larry had a litter born and one of the little boars who he has kept is mostly white with black on his head and what looks like a butterfly tattoo on his butt. How totally embarrassing for a boy!

Stay cool!

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