Friday, August 19, 2011

Dresden Plates

I got to thinking--yes, I know it happens and sometimes it can be dangerous. LOL I got to thinking that YOU might like to know how to make Dresden Plates. Oh please say you do! Even if you don't I'll still luv ya.

Here is an awesome tutorial--  Of course these are the POINTED blades with I believe ARE easier. Anyway you get a nice finish on the edges.

And then I saw these Dresdens with 3D triangles created by Edyta Sitar  and my heart skipped a beat--literally. This is a free pattern if you register with . Oh, how I wish I had found this BEFORE I needle turned my edges. I am so doing this next time!

And I wouldn't have found the link above IF I hadn't listed to Pat Sloan's Creative Talk Radio program where she interviewed Edyta Sitar. Big plus I now know how to say her name. LOL  Edyta is a very talented quilter with some very good techniques and tips.

And remember these?  I am still thinking of how I want to set them. I absolutely love these.

Enjoy and I hope you might want to try making a Dresden Plate.


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