Thursday, August 04, 2011


The older two grandkids came for a visit. DGD Aimee wants American Girl doll clothes so that's what she and I are sewing on. We'll finish piecing her quilt that she's worked on the last several visits. DGS Mac has folded some origami shapes, watched TV, and played computer games. We're off today to Wal-Mart to find velcro for the doll clothes that doesn't have the adhesive. My sewing machines do not like it. Do you how long it's been since I've sewn doll clothes?!

 We dug out the Legos that their uncles had played with when they were young. I love to listen to kids play and use their imaginations.
Aimee is sewing her blocks together and into rows and the rows together. She's worked on this several times when she come for visits. This time it was sewn totally together.

 She is sewing this for a C.A.S.A. quilt. Doen't she look proud?  She thinks it needs a border. What do you think and if so what color?

These are the doll clothes we sewed. The purple tank top was a free pattern found here.  The dress was another free pattern found here. There are lots more free patterns just check them out.  When we went to Wal-Mart I found the two patterns showm. Aimee wanted PJs for her dolls so we used the Simplicity pattern to make the pants and tops. I love sew in velcro to make doll clothes. It rocks! Not pictured is a skirt that I managed to get done minutes before we left to take them home this afternoon. I had a scrap left from the skirt I made Aimee last year. And I mean a scrap! It was barely enough to make a gathered skirt with an overskirt and waistband.  I got out the Kenmore. Poor baby hasn't been used much since I fell in love with the little Elna. I drew lines on the skirts and Aimee sewed one of the decorative stitches spaced horizonally down the skirt. The stitch was a scallop and we used the last one as the edge of the skirt and I took sharp scissors and cut the fabric away from the scallop stitching. Looked really cool.  She is such a slave driver! We didn't get the jumper or the purse we were going to sew done and she asked me if I was still going to sew them. And then she decided that I could sew them and mail them to her. She is so into completing projects and can't stand to see something incomplete. Oh I forgot! We also make pillowcases. One for both of them. I forgot to take pictures. : (

And since it was so hot we watched movies and of course we had to eat ice cream!

We have had 109 to 110 temperatures this week. These very hot and dry days are going to be memorable. DH pulled our well. We have public water for the house and animals but used to use the well to irrigate. The well hasn't worked for several years. We figured it was the pump. It could be the pump but for sure the water level has dropped and it won't do any good to put a new one in right now. We'll keep praying for rain.


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  1. Oh my goodness, y'all got a lot accomplished! And it's all so pretty. Aimee is doing so good with her sewing. Maybe in Aimee you are cultivating a seed that will thrive and grow, and she will be come an accomplished "sewist." I think that the word used these days. Y'all are making lots of memories.

    Sorry to hear about your well. Maybe we will have a break in the heat soon, and hopefully some rain. It was 108 here, breaking a 1951 of 106 on this day.

    Stay cool . . .


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