Wednesday, August 10, 2011


And I don't have to remind you what that means! LOL Kraz-z Quilters! I missed last week with the grandkids here. We normally pop in for a few minutes so I can show off my growing grandkids but it was going to be like 108 to 110 and decided we would just stay home and sew IN THE A/C. I found out they were few in number and went home around 1pm anyway.

We are close to breaking a record heat wave. There is a record set in 1980 of 42 days of 100+. Saturday will be the day to be the breaker. We have been around 108 to 107 for the last several days. Tomorrow is to be just as hot and then (I think) we begin to come down a degree or two every day. Saturday and Sunday may or may not get to 100. Here's my thinking: Two thoughts here--If we've endured this awful heat wave what are two more days to set a record--I mean shouldn't we get SOMETHING out of it? That's the first thought. The other--let's be done with this NOW! The sooner the better. LOL 

Gainesville which is about 60 miles north of us got rain last night. Yay Gainesville! We could see the clouds. They looked so nice. So inviting. This morning DFW weather news reported 56% humidity.  I had washed DH's bib overalls after he got home yesterday. I forgot to hang them out until about night fall. I thought -- What the heck--I can always throw them in the dryer. I got up around 5:15 and they were perfectly dry. In normal summer weather conditions they would not have dried. I have been hanging clothes on the clothes line all summer to save on the electric bill.

I got a phone call yesterday from DGD Aimee. She had gotten her package. The last of the doll clothes I had sewn. She liked them. Just what I wanted to hear! Now to start thinking of what to do for DGS Mac for his birthday next month.  Any ideas? His great grandmother made him a DS case. I had thought of a messenger bag for him to carry his stuff in. But not sure about that. His dad might think it looks too much like a purse.

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