Thursday, August 18, 2011

More progress

One more Dresden Plate block done. Total 16 so far.  I think I will give myself a day off. The Dresdens are getting a little boring.  Don't worry I'll be back to them.  And don't worry I won't be starting a new project -- I have plenty on-going ones to work on! LOL

It's still hot here 106 or 107.  I thought you needed to know that. You can suffer with me if not in person then in spirit.

Local news: A body wrapped in a tarp hidden in a barn was found about a mile and half from where we live. Last night DH and another guy went to visit a friend in the hospital in Ft. Worth last night. His friend picked him up and when they left our house they took the county road toward Hwy. 114. They saw police cars in front of a residence. They returned the same route and there was a sheriff's deputy positioned at the same house with the yellow tape you see. After he got home and right before he went to bed he asked me if I had heard about a body being found. The man they visited has a relative who had called him and told him since he lives in the same general area. Today a man has been charged with murder. They have identified the body as a female but don't have an identity yet.   This sort of stuff happens on TV shows that we watch. Another tragedy: a young boy on accident fatally shot himself this week in our small town . I can't imagine what the family must be going through. 


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  1. It seems that murders are more commonplace these days. I live in a medium size city where there are murders that we read about in the paper. The world is a more violent place than when we grew up.

    We are in the high 80s and I'm glad it's not in the 100s. Oh my. I am actually thinking fall right now and ready for the heat to be gone.


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