Monday, August 08, 2011

Glorious Monday to you

I don't have much to add to that. LOL I could complain about how HOT it still is. But it wouldn't do any good to complain. I could complain that the leaves are falling like it was autumn due to the drought. But it wouldn't do any good.  So no complaining!

I finished up all the doll clothes for DGD Aimee and put them in the mail this morning. I forgot to take a picture. I am such a bad blogger! I was in a hurry and I simply forgot. I will describe them -- I made a t-shirt from a red print with dog bones and kitties and doggies; a royal blue knit skirt, a royal blue pair of leggings, a long-sleeved blue background with multi-colored hearts print tunic; a coordinating print striped pants; a black floral print jumper; and two hobo bags-one blue jean and the other taupe linen) and a purse out of the same striped print as the pants. My fat sack and tote bag sewing experience came in real handy. I lined the purse and squared the bottom corners. It turned out so cute! I will see if DD Amanda will send me a picture.

Aimee's dad made her bunk beds for her dollies for her birthday. And she got a new American Girl doll - Kit. She was thrilled. Good thing I made more clothes--wouldn't want those dollies to run out of clothes. LOL

Back to work. I've got a new shipment in to price and machine quilting to do.

Ya'll have a blessed week.


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