Sunday, January 18, 2009

75 years

We gathered this past Sunday Jan. 18 to celebrate my DFIL's birthday. Here is the McShan clan! We were missing our youngest DS, DDIL, DGS Mason, DN and DN's dh, another DN and DN's dh, and her three children. It was a beautiful day with even more family and good food. Lots of laughs and good times. Happy Birthday, Fred McShan, and many more.

It was an absolutely beautiful day with temps in the seventies. The butterflies and honey bees were all over a rosemary plant. On Saturday we visited my mom and step-dad and saw two robins.



  1. Nice looking your warm weather dress...we are cold here..and in heavy clothes... .storm yesterday dumping 12-14" ....14 degrees today....had been -14 or more....sun shining today thankfully and that always warms the heart because we know the real SON!!! Blssings

  2. Great family photo! These days it's hard to get everyone assembled in one place. I know that very well. It looks like you have lens that darken outside - so do I and that is why I had my glasses off in that outside pic on Christmas Day. Seems like Christmas was just here and now it's almost February.


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