Tuesday, January 13, 2009

First Attempt at Crumb Blocks

I've been trying my hand at crumb piecing. I mixed a little strips with the little pieces. To think most of these little pieces would have been thrown away. What am I making? Not sure yet. Maybe another tote bag or small quilt.

I have a question. What quilting magazines do you subscribe to and why? What do you like or dislike? I'm in the market (I think) for a change.



  1. I love your squares! I've been doing some in scraps from my brighter fabrics.
    I see yours in a 2 block lap quilt. Block A is a 4 patch with very very narrow cream or pale yellow sashings between the squares, and Block B is cream or pale yellow with autumn leaves appliqued on it. But that's just my take on it! lol

    Magazines - since I'm in Australia, I don't know all that you have to choose from. I really like the New zealand mag I occasionally see here, and I like the Australian Quilters Companion and Country Threads.

  2. I love them.. I love McCalls Quick Quilts,, I am trying to slow down on buying mags,, less mags, more fabrics. same with my books. want more crumbs? thanks for sharing,

  3. My favorite quilt magazine is Quilt Sampler which is published in May and September and sold only on the newstands, as far as I know. It features 10 quilt shops with an article and lots of photos about each and a pattern from that shop too.
    My favorite quilt publication that I subscribe to is American Patchwork and Quilting, a Better Homes & Gardens magazine. I used to subscribe to several but I let them lapse for a while since I wasn't making any of the projects and didn't have time to read lots of magazines anyway. The Australian stitching and quilting magazines are fabulous if you can find them. I love them.

  4. Cool stuff--I love the look of your blog!! I just started quilting and found your blog from quilting blogs. I can't wait to finish my first quilt!!

  5. I love those crumb block...very interesting...I use to get sooo many magazine...now I have a bin+ full...I now get Fons and Porter -I rate it #1. My #2 magazine is American Ptchwork and Quilting...(I really enjoy applique) I also get Machine Quilting Unlimited for short-arm quilters...I can always purchase one at the store if I see something I like...so many free things online plus I have been purchasing specific packets as of late..Maine

  6. Marilyn, thanks for the "Blog of the week" title! What a fun surprise! Check out my blog with my thanks to you!

    As far as mags go...I think I subscribed to all for a year but I found that the ones I loved the most are Fons and Porter, American Patchwork and Quilting and McCall's Quilting. Maybe it is just how they present the quilts in their mags. Not sure--but I do love the eye candy in all of them!

  7. Hi, I like your crumbs, and it's a really good thing to do with the small scraps.

    I don't subscribe to any quilting magazine. There are two that I like and do buy if there is anything in them that catches my eye and there usually is! They are "Fons and Porter Easy Quilts" and "McCall's Quick Quilts." I really have to slap my hands off any more. LOL

  8. I love the start of this quilt or whatever you do with it. I have always liked the crazy quilt look and this is wonderful.

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