Sunday, January 11, 2009

More from the 2009 OKC Winter Quilt and Embroidery Show

Close-up of basket.

More baskets. I love basket quilts.

I really liked the edge on this quilt. The colors in
the photo on the right are not true. I don't know what
exactly happened.

These feathered stars were amazing!

My taste must be changing because I was really attracted
to the bright quilts.

This quilt was stunning!

Above left--very unusual. Above right--very nice piecing!

A very comforting quilt.

These One Block Wonders were the only two I saw.
I really like the colors of the one on the left. The one
on the right is very unique in it's coloring.

This quilt is so amazing!

This turtle quilt was absolutely beautiful!

A beautiful whole cloth quilt.

This to me was kinda unusual.

I am always impressed with these richly appliqued
type quilts on the left. I thought this little sheep quilt was
so unique.
There's still more pictures. Can you stand some more tomorrow?


  1. One block wonders are a 'wonder' to me...never seen anything like your music ....everyone....blessings to you....Maine

  2. Hi, I had to track back and see how far behind I am. I've got to do something in my life to get back on track!

    I love these quilts especially the green, purple, and pink one.

    So glad you got to go.

    Take care . . .


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