Saturday, January 31, 2009

String Lone Star Quilt

If you go to this link you will find directions for making a string lone star quilt. Don't you think this quilt is so beautiful? And if you go here you see Faye Burden's quilts. On the right column are her string quilts with the string stars down toward the middle of the list. I SOOOO want to do one. But that is another day/month/year LOL. Put it on the list! But (sigh) I must finish UFOs first.

Wouldn't you just love to go to Faye Burden's house and SEE her beautiful poster bed with the canopy and touch and FEEL these hand quilted quilts?

Happy quilting and blessings,


  1. wow that is beautiful!! thanks for sharing, I am going to repost to share with others, come over and check Pink Saturday.have a great day, Amy

  2. Hi, the string star quilts are beautiful, just as pretty and the conventional ones are.

    We had two basketball games today, one this morning and one this afternoon. It's the Little Dribblers and was the beginning of their season. Tomorrow, after church we are going to the Methodist Church for lunch. They are having a fund raiser to raise money for the kids summer camp. We have two grandkids in that church so we will go enjoy the meal and donate to their cause.

    Hope you have a great weekend.

    Take care,


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