Sunday, January 25, 2009

All About Applique

I found this blog All About Applique by Kay Mackenzie. She has a pattern line and written a book. It is very informative and interesting. She also has guest bloggers who talk about applique and links to applique sites.

I stand corrected. Kay Mackenzie has several books to her credit with another in the works.


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  1. I've really thought about applique a lot. I definitely can do that! There was a lady at our last little quilt club meeting that brought her latest quilt. It's a McCalls pattern and I can't remember the name of it. It's appliqued black cats on stairs. It was in one of their books once upon a time, free on their website for awhile, and now it's for sale. I had never seen it before, but googled it when I got home. Caitlin, my granddaughter, loves cats and I know she would love one.
    Oh, and it has a sliver of a moon in one corner.

    Well, guess I better go to bed, it's the magic hour and I might turn in to a pumpkin or something! LOL

    Courtney, granddaughter-in-law, is having a D&C tomorrow. Her mom is here from Arkansas. After another ultrasound she finally believed the OB doc. He told her symptoms would have appeared soon.

    Catch ya later,


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