Thursday, January 22, 2009

Spent my gift certificate

I got a gift certificate to Jo-Anns for Christmas. I shopped online & ordered rulers I needed. I also ordered the no-melt mylar template plastic so I can applique the Dresden Plate blocks. The package came yesterday. Look at the slender ruler beside the mylar. It has sixteenth inch markings. This will come in real handy doing the Star BOM.
I've going to use the Companion Angle to make flying geese to finish the Time Travel quilt (remember-DS#1 wanted it bigger and still does). I already had the smaller EZ Angle and I needed a new square ruler. I had dropped mine on one corner and #%#$& and that corner was ruined. I had been wanting a Tri Recs ruler ever since Judy L talked about it on her blog. Sounds like I need to play. LOL

I've been working on more crumb blocks. I have thirteen all trimmed and ready to go. But there are like seven more in different stages of completion. They are also addictive. Beware! With crumb blocks you don't have to be precise with your seam allowances. And they are like rabbits, or guppies (which ever fits the picture in your mind (I know we're always searching for things in there)LOL) or any creature that multiplies readily. You sew and trim and there's more pieces!

Enough sewing! I'm going outside to work in the yard. It is in the upper seventies today. Woo Hoo!



  1. That quilt looks beautiful, Marilyn.

  2. I Love all the rulers! and yes the crumbs multiply, I am going to send you some as soon as I sort the bag out.thanks for sharing, the quilt is gorgeous!!

  3. You are sooo lucky! A gift certificate would be wonderful. Do not have a store that is reasonably close you could go to? There is a huge one in Des Moines that is about the size of a city block; well, not really, but it is a wonder to behold. The one in Waco is okay, and I hope they never close. If that should happen there would only be Tomorrow's Quilts. The Walmart we shop at still has fabric, but we all know that won't last forever, but they are here for now.

    I know you will enjoy your new rulers. EZ is the best I think, and good luck with the 1/16 one - you are so brave!


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