Thursday, January 17, 2008


We are cold today. Before you northeners laugh, this is Texas remember. It is in the twenties and the wind is blowing. Cold I tell you.

I had a great time at quilting yesterday and as soon as I get done posting and reading I will finish up my club's scrapbook. Actually, before that I need to make a call to the wholesaler about a ruler a customer wants. She wants a ruler that has 1/16" on it. Anyone seen one? I got on wholesalers website last night and didn't find one but will call this morning to verify.
I also need to make calls to past customers to see if they need anything before I place an order in the next week or so.

I need to get something out of the freezer for supper tonight. I think I want to make soup or chili. Something warm! I keep forgetting to buy cornmeal at the store. I do have a package of cornmeal mix but I really don't like the mixes. Too sweet to me. Weird, I know.

I have got to get back in the sewing room and quilt and piece some more. First things first. I procrastined now I have to pay. Gotta get the scrapbook brought up to date and then sewing.
I didn't mention that I need to pick up more post for the scrapalbum. I dislike going to Wal-Mart to shop. I used to like it. What has changed? It seems like such an effort to park and walk and walk and walk and walk. Nine times out of ten I forget something and have to walk clear across the store again and again. I may just go down to our little variety store in town and see if they have some. That's why I prefer to use the ring binders. Someone donated this one. 2008 will be a ring binder. Next time I go to Wal-Mart I will pick one up. LOL


  1. I stumbled across your blog and since you're from Texas and I'm from Texas (South Plains area) I just had to comment.
    I do not have a blog ( yet, I am sorta scared to try) but read many, like Sunshine Quilts, Quiltville, and will now include yours. Do you sell notions to the quilt stores? Lubbock used to have three quilt stores, but now we don't have any.
    Thanks for letting me chatter.

  2. Hi Marilyn,

    Sorry I kept you so long this morning, and I hope you find someone who knows what to do for your computer. I wish I could have helped.

    Son and family are on the way, will drive all night, and be here sometime in the morning. Been cleaning ever since I talked to you!

    I subscribed to your blog on the RSS reader and looking forward to reading your posts :)

    Y'all have a good weekend.


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