Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cold this week

We had a little rain yesterday. This morning we are overcast with misty rain and in the thirties.
No quilting yesterday. It was time to figure my sales tax and mail in my payment for the last quarter. I ran errands and paid bills.

Today, I will work on our scrapbook again. It's just a matter of cutting and glueing. I do have a special part of it that is not complete. I am doing a bio on each member. I probably have interviewed less than half the members. Tomorrow, while they quilt I will do some more interviews and practice with the camera. We are at a point with the quilt that not many can quilt at one time anyway.
I looked online for that redwork pattern I talked about in a previous post--one where there are quilters quilting around a frame. The pattern company is Quilting Bee Designs -- if I remember correctly. The pattern is a rectangle something like 14 X 16 inches. They also have a pattern for entire quilt of individual quilters doing different quilty things. They also have rectangle redwork patterns of a quilt show, quilt class, quilt shop, etc. The problem is I don't think my wholesaler carries all the patterns. At least that's what it looks like online--I can call. I think it would be so special to do this for our president. I will let you know what I find out about the patterns. I might can contact the pattern company and see if they sell directly and how many I would have to buy. That's always the clincher--most of the time you have to make a minimum purchase of $150 cost price. That's a lot invested in one thing. When I order from my wholesaler, they require a minimum purchase and they will pay freight. I have to pay freight on all fabric, batting, notecards, and some other items. Some people don't understand why you can't order one week and turn around and order right away again. I can understand why quilt shops are going out of business. There are successful quilt shops and I don't know if they have a really big number of quilters in their area or the owners are better business people.
Blessings and keep warm.

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