Monday, January 14, 2008

Computer Woes

Well, I had computer problems for awhile but hopefully that is over. Let's see I've got lots to update if I can remember everything. We babysat youngest grandson weekend before last so Mommy & Daddy could have a date night. He is such a joy. This past weekend we had the pleasure of our five year old granddaughter visiting. We had so much fun with her. We did crafty stuff and I'm teaching her the beginnings of quilting. We are hand piecing a little quilt for one of her small stuffed animals. She wants things to go together faster than what they are; but, for her age she is doing very well. Her world is full of DSL, DVRs, etc. and she doesn't understand why we can't make two or three different projects in one afternoon. We did a paper purse (her idea) using fabric, ric rac, dried orange rind (from our snack), markers and glue. That was Saturday morning. Then we got pizza. Yummy! Then we stopped to get a birthday card for my FIL and she picked out some fabric with dogs all over it. She wanted to make a pin cushion using this fabric. She wanted to make it in the shape of their pug. There happened to be a pug on the fabric. And I may have broken copyright laws BUT I snipped out the pug and scanned and enlarged it and used that to draw a pug on muslin with permanent maker and we shaded it in with brown crayola. Then I sewed two pieces together right sides facing and turned it and let her stuff it with poly-fil. Sewed the opening closed and she was happy. She now has a pincushion that looks like her Puggy. She wanted to make pillows out of the remaining dog print. We simply ran out of time before Mommy and Daddy came. We made chocolate chip cookies for Papaw Saturday evening and she helped. She is very good. And we read The Quiltmaker's Gift both nights before bed. So no quilty stuff for me to report but I do like getting DGD interested in quilting because my DD is not interested in sewing at all. She is my scientist and teacher.
I got my hair cut this morning. I got her to change my style just a little. The other style required using lots of gel and I'm not much of a gel person. I like simple--blow dry and go. This will work.

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