Monday, January 28, 2008

Busy Day

Today is going to be a busy day! I've got to finish up my order of quilting supplies, take tapes back to the library, get stamps, mail bills, and gather tax stuff. My husband and I have a Christian ministry and I have to get those contributions notices mailed out. So, this will be short and sweet, hopefully. LOL

We had a very nice weekend. The weather was just wonderful, Praise the Lord. My DH had to work Saturday til 3:00. It was VERY foggy Sat. morning so I delayed going to the Paradise Piecemakers meeting. I told myself I had X amount of time to work on the Kraz-z Quilters scrapbook. Well, I GOT into it. The fog didn't really lift til 10:00 o'clock. I wasn't really in the mood to sew anyway so I kept working on the scrapbook. Then I ate lunch and went. There weren't many there. But it's always fun to be with those ladies. They bring their sewing machines and projects or handwork and sew. They are so sweet to each other; hugging and helping one another.

When I got home I worked on the scrapbook until I finished it! I ran out of clear sheets and posts. I picked some more of those up when we went to Wal-Mart yesterday. I need to add a few clip arts and it's done for 2007. Yeah!

I didn't get the block cut out from the Triangle Tricks book. I realized I had to get an order together so started that Friday afternoon. Tomorrow I should have time or today if I get everything done.


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  1. A new blogger! Welcome. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    I am dashing through your blog (gotta get ready for work) and still don't see photos (on this page). One think I've done when posting photos -- I closed out from Netscape (frequently crashed, just browsing!), and open Mozilla Foxfire. It ALWAYS works for me. IE may work also, but haven't tried that method yet. If you are still having problems, mention it again and someone will know the answer.

    The past few days, Netscape has been more agreeable, so, it appears there are upgrade issues always going on. If at first you don't succeed, etc.....

    Happy to find you! 8-)


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