Saturday, January 19, 2008


Thank you, Patsy, for trying to help me post pictures on my blog. I don't understand it either. I click on the picture image in the toolbar and my little hour glass comes up for a second and then goes off nothing else happens. I went to the help center and tried some of the things they suggested. Still nothing. Next time one of my kids is here I will get them to look at it for me.
I saw Patsy's comment on Judy L's blog and went to her profile; read her blog and left a comment or e-mailed her. I don't remember which now--I've slept since then. LOL Anyway, Patsy e-mailed me and asked for my phone number. I e-mailed back with it and we had a nice long conversation. We found out where each of us lives, about our children, quilting, etc. The internet is amazing. Patty, hope you have a nice visit with your son and family.
I have guild meeting today. I debated whether to go or not. But have decided to go. I committed to help set up the coffee and such before meetings with another gal and I need to follow through. They have a workshop today after the meeting but I will not be able to stay. I have a funeral to attend. Our neighbor down the road has been sick for a long time and she passed away.
I printed more pictures from the memory card of our club's camera last night. As the picture taker I really need to work on my picture taking and get acquainted with this camera. I must move sometimes when I push the button. And the pictures are darker than what they should be--so I will get out the book and read it and practice. The ladies are going to feel like celebrities. LOL
DH is deer hunting again. It is the last day and all they can shoot are does and spikes. He and two other guys from work went with him and when he called last night they were laughing when I answered the phone. They are having such a good time. I am glad. He deserves to relax and have fun at what he enjoys. I will keep the home fires burning. I did burn the fireplace yesterday--does that count? LOL
I haven't gotten any quilting done this week. But I will as soon as I glue in all these pictures and type captions and glue them in and put cute clip art to illustrate. Who am I kidding? I have the rest of August thru December 2007. But I will finish! Monday is supposed to be kinda nasty as far as weather goes so a good day to work on it. I will get'r'done!

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