Sunday, January 20, 2008


What the difference a day or two makes! DH got home last night from deer hunting. No deer in the ice chest. WooHoo! Sorry, DH. They had a blast though. I was so glad he came home when he did. We had a pipe freeze up and break in our boar pen and when things thawed Sunday noon it became very apparent. And it didn't help matters when I forgot to turn off a faucet filling the calf trough. Oops. Sorry, DH. But it is so dry here the ground soaked a lot of it up. BUT we are forcast for rain this week. We need it desparately. We have a burn ban on in our county.
To answer one question from an anonymous commenter--no, I don't sell to quilt stores. I guess you could say that I am a retailer just like them. 'Cept I'm not just like them 'cause I don't have a store front. I travel around to local quilting groups and have set up booths at quilt shows. I am thinking of going internet and have been encouraged to do so. I don't have near the expertise as many quilt store owners. I am still learning so many things. I have learned a lot since I started doing this. I am so "at home" when I'm with other quilters.
I have read blogs for years before diving in this past November and starting my own. I still don't know a lot of what I'm doing but I'm having a lot of fun anyway.
Well, I started out saying "what a difference a day or two makes". It seems like I never know how my weekends are going to go until they come. Youngest son called Saturday morning while I was getting ready to go to guild meeting. "Mom, would you keep Mason for us?" Sure, okay, plans changing. Not that I had any plans set in stone or an exciting weekend planned mind you.
And did I mention in a previous post that he is such a joy?! I'm telling you after DGD -- this child is like "still got heaven all over him". She cried for the first four months of her life. He wakes up smiling. He giggles if you make a funny face at him. And boy do I love doing that!! I wish we lived close enough for me to babysit him for them while they work. But boy am I out of practice! He weighs twenty pounds and he gets heavy holding him. They forgot his pacifier--but he's not that attached but it helps to get him to sleep--especially at grandma's house. I am vertically challenged (meaning--I stand up tall to make five feet) so I don't have much lap area vertically speaking. So, I stood with him and swayed with him to get him to sleep patting his bottom. I handed him off to grandpa Sunday am and he put him to sleep for his nap.
This afternoon we traveled to Graham to pick up two gilts (young female pigs who haven't been bred) who had been shown in the county show there. The family who bought them go to church with our daughter. They wanted to give them back after showing and let us breed them and then have pigs to show next year. They are blue butts. Know what they are? Leave me a comment and tell me what you think they are.
Oh, Patsy, you had to clean house when your son called. Me too. Mason's not crawling yet but I like to vacuum and dust before he comes because he's been having congestion problems. Although this place could use some really good deep cleaning. You know those lists I started (licking pencil and making a notation) --move furniture and vacuum behind, lemon oil cabinets, and lemon oil paneling, take everything out of china hutch and dust and wash items, etc. etc. I already feel myself losing weight. Yeah! I so need to go through old paperwork and throw out but I absolutely HATE doing it. I think I will get DH to do it sometime. He is so much better at knowing what to keep and what to toss. I need to go through all my crafty stuff and probably toss some things or give away. I went through a drawer last year. I threw out an old lamp shade last week. My DD was always my organizer when she lived here but she has her own house now and isn't interested in organizing mom anymore and mom getting disorganized. God, do you have organizing angels? Could you send one my way? Thank you.
I did go to quilt guild meeting Saturday morning. Maybe this will grow on me. I'm not much of one for meetings where you meet and talk. Let's have some action! They were staying after the meeting for a workshop on the next raffle quilt BUT they weren't all agreeing on the pattern and I had DGS coming so I left. That reminds me I'm supposed to look for a redwork pattern that I thought I remembered seeing that had women quilting around a quilt frame. I had suggested making a quilt for our president in my Wednesday group. Everyone thought it was a good idea to make a quilt and now we are trying to decide what pattern. So, while I'm online I will check with Checkers.
God Bless y'all.

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