Thursday, January 24, 2008

Glad for Sunshine

Good Morning, Sunshine! Yeah! We have had a lot of cloudy, dreary weather as of late and it kinda gets me down. I don't really like cold weather. I really don't like wet cold weather and that is what is in the forecast for later tonight and tomorrow. I'm thinking I will go to the grocery store and stock up. Then I will come home and do some baking. That always gets me in a better mood.

On the quilty stuff. Yesterday, after our club president left we talked about the quilt we want to make for her. I took my redwork idea. Several don't like to embroider so that wasn't the best idea. We always have the dilemma of the 1/4" seams not being the same. We looked at books we have on hand; and well, several were absent yesterday so we didn't come to a decision but we got some good ideas. We want to embroider or sign our names on the blocks to make it special.
I have been looking at for 12" blocks. I am to have one done before the Feb. guild meeting. I could look for hours at the different designs. I have also checked out some books at the library when DH went deer hunting last weekend. One of the books is
Triangle Tricks from That Patchwork Place published by Martingale & Company. They demonstrate in the book a nifty way of making triangle units. Included in the book is a chart for making different size finished blocks from 2" to 12". I will be trying out this method and let you know.
Blessings to all.

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  1. Hi Marilyn,

    I think you might get some icy stuff where you live. Our county has been removed. But you know it is always a wait and see thing, and they say Monday is supposed to be 70!

    I hope you find a 12" block you like. There are certainly lots of them on My first quilt was from there, but it was a 14" block.

    It seems like a dream our Iowa crew was here. We had such a good time. Chip said that when they their house, Madi (age 4) said, "Texas, here we come!" By the time they got to Missouri she was saying she didn't know it was going to take so long, so lets go home!

    Take care and stay warm,


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