Monday, December 10, 2007


It is cold. 32 degrees to be exact. I know, I know it is a lot colder in other places. But we were in the seventies just days ago. We may have a little freezing drizzle today and hopefully just rain. We could use it. I'm praying for all of you experiencing ice. God bless you.

Quilting--I got 150 of those little flying geese done Saturday and then worked on them more Sunday. 408 (gazillion) minus 150. I made a big dent. DH got home Sunday morning and I guess he was tuckered out from hunting because he fell asleep twice in his recliner. SO I kept sewing.
But for now I have boxed it up until after the holidays. Very hard because I was on a roll. BUT I have so much to do this week. Shopping, baking, decorating, cleaning, etc. etc. So you may not hear too much from me this week.
I did see on a blog awhile back some luggage tags. So this morning I did some googling for luggage tags. It got me thinking that these would make nice stocking stuffers for my kids. I had already been thinking about coasters, napkins, and placemats. I should have started sooner!

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