Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Is anyone out there?

Does anyone read this blog? I haven't had any comments. I would love to know. I started this blog after reading other blogs. I think I just have a need to communicate with others who love to quilt. Please could you leave a comment or e-mail me? It would be so encouraging. I don't belong to a group of blogs or anything as yet so maybe I am out of the loop. And I know that my blog isn't as exciting as some others. I will work on pictures very seriously now that Christmas is over.

Our quilting day was called off. Our group couldn't get into the building where we meet. We use a room once a week in the back of the building and don't have to pay rent (Praise, God) so we opted out of having a key because the two businesses in the front of the building do pay rent and we didn't want any problems. SO both businesses today weren't going to open due to sickness or such. SO I have an unexpected day to do some catching up. Neat, huh? SO, I am doing laundry and contemplating what else I want to get into. There's plenty.
I didn't tell you. My sister sent me the quilting book and in the same box was fabric. She always sends me fabric she finds at Goodwill. She has a great Goodwill close to her. Lots of quilting fabric has found it's way here let me tell you! I need to tell her about how Bonnie at Quiltville buys the men's shirts for a dollar a pound. But do I really want to get started with that too? LOL. Anyway in the fabric she sent this time was a preprinted Christmas tree skirt. I had been wanting one. I always use a white sheet and drape it around the bottom of the tree and make it look like snow. But I kinda had been wanting to make one with the nativity on it. This preprinted one has snowmen and trees, etc.
So what do I do? Do I make it and give it to one of the kids or make it and keep it until I make the nativity one? Decisions. I guess just making it up would be a good start. LOL Then I could decide, huh?
I gotta go feed the washer and dryer. They are hungry. And I think I will get some sewing done=quilting. HeeHee!

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  1. I'm here!, and reading your older posts. Are you subscribed to Bloglines? That will help your readership. Also, we like LOTS of PHOTOS! Would have loved to see your goose-necked trailer, the boar, fires, etc. To me, farm life is most interesting, but PHOTOS of farm life are better. You probably didn't have your camera knowledge up to snuff when you posted this. Most of us read/glance a LOT of blogs, so photos are especially important to 'grab' the readers attention. After my attention is 'grabbed' I will often take more time to read the post. Also, I try hard not to get into too much detail about 'normal' life. But that's MY opinion.

    (I read/glance at about 100, or try to keep the number at of under 100. In no time at all it grows out of control! ) Some posts are so darned well-written, but if they are too long, I just cannot spare the time! ARghhh, what' a blogger to do! LOL

    Also, leave your comments on blogs and soon others will be checking you out.


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