Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year's almost

It's Monday evening and we are having a quiet evening at home. No quilting today. Husband was home today and we slept late and then ran errands. Hubby has been looking for a gooseneck stock trailer (used one that is) and found one today! Got it purchased and took it out with the one ton to try it out. Picked up our boar at a friend's place and he got the royal treatment in the (new) trailer. We have a litter of pigs due in February and then hopefully if Big Mama is bred in April and then our new little gilt shortly thereafter. We have two little boars we are feeding out.
We had deer sausage for breakfast Sunday morning. We had some of our peppered bacon recently and really wasn't sure we liked it. The neighbor brought us three dozen eggs today from his chickens. Woohoo! But I had just bought a dozen at the store so I will need to bake, cook, etc. with a lot of eggs in the near future.

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