Sunday, December 16, 2007

Mission Accomplished

Yep, we got'r'dun. Family Christmas that is. And immediate family that is. It was good, fun, and tiring; of course.
My schedule got off to a change when I DIDN'T leave quilting club early Wednesday. I was having too good a time but that was time I had scheduled to do some Christmas shopping. I theorized, "I'll do it tomorrow the weather will be better." It started out VERY foggy Thursday morning so I put off shopping til after lunch (better to wait to drive on the highway til fog lifts-Right?). I stopped to visit an elderly friend in quilt club who has been out due to recent surgery. Then on to serious shopping, and I did get a lot done. Just didn't get it all done. Baked pecan pies for DH bbq lunch at work that evening. I was invited to eat with them for lunch on Friday (but I really needed to be shopping--VERY foggy again Friday morning but I did eat). Back to shopping again Friday afternoon, which was the day I had planned to clean house. Stayed up way late talking to oldest DS when he came to spend the night and wrapping presents and made newest grandsons bluejean stocking.
So, we had smoked turkey, green beans, spincach, mashed potatoes, crescent rolls(not homemade), pumpkin pie, chocolate meringue pie, and assorted cookies (all of which I purchased at the store). I did get the china, tablecloth and napkins and set out. DH had to work Saturday morning--so no help. DS was wonderful. DD and family came in and started a fire in the fireplace and decorated the Christmas tree. I know I know. But the grandkids love doing this. DH and youngest DS and DIL with newest grandson arrived. We had a great time.
Then, everyone went home. Except we were babysitting newest grandson overnight so mommy and daddy could go to mommy's Christmas party at work. He is the happiest baby. Full of smiles and laughs. Then, tonight we went to grandkids and DD's Christmas program at church.
I am ready for a good sleep.
Goodnight to all and to all a goodnight.

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