Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Rainy Tuesday

Shortly after I woke this morning, I heard the rain begin. We need this. We've had a lot of rain this past year but everything was getting dry again. Our lakes and ponds got full this summer with the wonderful rains we had.
I read Mary's blog this morning. She and her family had a reunion this past weekend. It makes me miss my sister who lives in Florida. I talked to her Sunday. She is having some family troubles right now. I would appreciate your prayers for them.
I didn't get any sewing done yesterday. I did get our family get together nailed down. Saturday is the day and here at our house. So, I have started getting things ready. Yesterday I sorted and straightened, figured the checkbooks, and paid bills. Today, I will straighten my sewing room and then on to our bedroom. Then the cleaning begins. I may have to cut my quilting day tomorrow short--I hope not--in order to get all I need to do done. Thursday, I am baking pies for DH to take to work on Friday for their party at work.
I think we will have smoked turkey that DH picked up at the butcher when he was dropping off pigs to be butchered. I have more cranberries to make the cranberry relish. My kids probably won't be thrilled but DH will. I will make chocolate meringue and lemon meringue. Cookies for the grandkids. Fresh baked bread and some good vegetables should round out the menu and if I have time maybe some homemade candy. Oldest DS (who is a bachelor) said he would come and spend the night and help. He loves working in the kitchen.
I have to make the newest addition to our family a stocking. A couple of years ago I made us all a stocking out of old blue jeans. I don't have anymore of the red fabric I put in the pockets so I was thinking I could introduce a new fabric. I know! I can use another Christmas fabric for the grandkids. And since I want at least a dozen grandkids--I better get plenty. HeeHee! We will definitely have to put the stockings somewhere else besides the mantel when we get those dozen. My kids tell -- it's not going to happen. Ok, Ok! I won't be greedy. Three's okay for now but let's have more!

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