Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Quilting Day

It's quilting day again. I'm not that excited, though. I think I'm just tired. Tired of shopping, wrapping, and thinking of what to get (do) for people. I went shopping again yesterday and got the rest of what I needed to get my sister and her family. Then wrapped and taken to UPS; I sure hope it gets there in time. Every year I say I am not doing this again and vow to start shopping earlier. But every year I am busy with other things until WHAM! it's Christmas and I do it all over again.

Okay, I am stumped. I never know what to get my husband's parents. They really don't need anything. They buy whatever they want. My MIL is a quilter and I can fix her up easily but my FIL is another story. He really doesn't have any hobbies. He owns land and raises a small herd of cattle. Any ideas? He doesn't wear T-shirts. He doesn't have a computer, though he would like one but MIL will not let him have one. Go figure--she't afraid someone can hack into their private and financial affairs. He would so enjoy e-mailing and surfing the internet. Maybe she will change her mind.

I have been baking and making candy. I made miniature banana breads using Bonnie (Quiltville)
recipe. I had some Christmasey papers to line the little loaf pans. DH took some to work today. I made twenty. I also made Peanut Cluster candy. Very easy. If anyone wants the recipe just leave a comment and I will post it or e-mail it to you. You make it in the crockpot and so very easy and makes lots. The peanut clusters will find their way into homemade goodie gifts for lovely people we know.

Not much quilting going on these days. I might as well wait until after the holidays. Although, I think it is therapy. So, I will go get my therapy today and see you tomorrow.

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